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A Tour of the Ellis Chique Bookshelf: My Top 5 Baby Book Recommendations

Becoming a parent is no easy feat. In fact, for those of us who had full-term pregnancies, nine months is barely enough time to prepare...

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Tried, Tested, True: Finger Foods We Recommend for EVERY event!

Throwing a party this year? Not wanting to show up empty handed to your holiday festivities or maybe just looking for some great ideas of...

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Styling Ellis Chique’s Women’s Line: The Fall 2020 Launch & How to Wear It!

Finally! The Ellis Chique women's launch of your dreams! Our initial 2020 Fall Launch is a big deal to us and we are looking forward...

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Ellis Grace...

On November 30th, 2020 at 8:48pm, we welcomed the all-too-beautiful, 6lbs 13oz babeĀ  that is the ever-stylish and beyond perfect baby Ellis!

We started this family boutique before Ellis was born to help other families commemorate the precious memory of bringing home their new baby and to help give back to families and babies everywhere.

As a single mom, having support & love pour in before I delivered Ellis gave me so much joy and meant the absolute world to me! That’s exactly what we want to share with YOU! We want to empower moms, babies, family & friends in any way we can!

Here’s to joy and beauty and the constant state of celebration we’re in! You don’t even have to be a new mom to feel it!