Ellis Chique Boutique is a local, family-owned business in central California founded by a terrific mother-daughter-granddaughter trio aimed at bringing a little bit of sweetness into the world through a handpicked selection of gorgeous women’s & baby items as well custom, handmade designs, made to order from right here on our site!

So who exactly are we?

This is Lori! The owner of Ellis Chique, a genius in every capacity, a talented businesswoman and a crafting extraordinaire! Everyone who knows Lori is well aware that there’s absolutely nothing she cannot do or create. Have a desire for something? Chances are she’s already in the process of designing, planning, baking or perhaps crocheting that exact item. In her free time, Lori loves taking weekend drives, enjoying a glass of wine and long stays in snowy cabins while pretending she’s the protagonist in Hallmark movie. Because honestly, who doesn’t?  

& My name is Taylyn, hey there! I’m in charge of all things Marketing & Creative Directing on Ellis Chique! I was entirely blessed with the world’s greatest & most ambitious, hardworking mom, and well, in return, she was blessed with me, her own personal stand-up comedian (or court jester if you will), and all of my wild ideas! Chances are you’ll see a lot of my posts, pictures, & more following along with us on this journey. We promise to share a couple of our family recipes with you and take you along with us on all our best adventures and undertakings!

And finally, baby Ellis! My tiny daughter, Lori’s first little granddaughter, and the inspiration behind our boutique name! Little Ellis Grace was perhaps one of the greatest gifts we received in 2020 and we are beyond thrilled to bring you all a gorgeous boutique with touches of sophistication & fun at every corner that Ellis is sure to approve of! 

Feeling excited yet? So are we!

We’re so happy you’re here!