Tried, Tested, True: Finger Foods We Recommend for EVERY event!

Throwing a party this year? Not wanting to show up empty handed to your holiday festivities? Needing some great ideas for what to make for your guests? We’ve got you covered. We recently threw Ellis Grace’s baby shower with an entire array of fun finger-foods that stole the show; their miniature stature was also quite on-theme as well! We’re here to offer you some quick tips to making these dishes yourself for your next event! 

Here’s a few of the dishes we decided to create for our baby shower!

Mini Caprese Skewers

These little skewers are a huge hit! We made ours with thin-sliced genoa salami, mozzarella, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes with a balsamic glaze!

Ham & Cheese Pinwheels! 

This things you can do with puff pastry are INCREDIBLE! 

This photo is from our shower and we threw these delicious, crunchy ham & cheese pinwheels right next to our caprese skewers! 

Baked & Toasted Raviolis! 

Easy & FUN recipe plus a real crowd pleaser! 
We recommend prepping by boiling your favorite raviolis the night before and then adding a bit of egg before tossing these ‘ravs in some ilian seasoned breadcrumbs and baking right before your party! Serve with a delicious marinara sauce and enjoy!

Mini Lasagna Bites

Alright, can you think of ANYTHING better than tiny, bite-size lasagnas to serve at your party? We cannot! There’s so many recipes out there for you to test out according to your taste/dietary preferences!

Mini Hummus Cups (single bite!)

Another puff pastry creation that’ll go perfect with any charcuterie board! 

Simply use puff pastry to create tiny cups in a mini muffin pan and once cool, squeeze your favorite hummus in and add your favorite garnishes! We used cucumber, tomato, & kalamata olives

Mini Potato Skins

Basically these are just slices of yummy potato loaded up like your regular potato skins BUT bite-size! (Very on theme for finger foods!) 

Serve up with cheese, green onion, bacon, all your fav ‘fixins & ENJOY!

Caramelized Onion Crostini

Okay, what a MASSIVE success. These yummy, crunchy bite-sized toasted baguette with pesto, caramelized onion, and parmesan served nice & warm taste EXACTLY like little bites of french onion soup. Clearly, I’m obsessed! 

Deviled Eggs! (of course!)


This classic needs no explanation and is always a massive hit at every gathering!

Here’s a shot from our shower right before they all got gobbled up!

Those look beyond yummy, right?! Well, they absolutely were! We made sure to keep the Mini Potato Skin bites, Toasted Raviolis, Marinara, and Little Lasagnas warmed throughout the evening to make sure they were nice and fresh throughout the event, especially when our guests came back to make their rounds for seconds!

We may have made a small amount of every single dish to set out alongside our gorgeous charcuterie trays made by our fav Make It Loverly and our pretty cake but, mastering just 2-3 of these awesome mini finger-food dishes is such a breeze and is sure to satisfy your guests! Any of these tasty treats are  sure to impress!

But, I did have one MAJOR request for baby Ellis’s Shower that is the ULTIMATE finger-food & dessert rolled into one! Have you guessed it? A S’MORES BAR!

Although Ellis Chique is a women’s and baby boutique, one thing we believe down to our core is that food brings people together & creates such special memories! We are stoked to keep sharing our ideas, crafts, projects and MORE with all you guys! Baby Ellis was properly showered (& fed) this weekend and we cannot thank you enough for your continued support & love! 


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